Mysterious events in Marengo Ohio.

The Divine Comedy:
A full adaptation of The Divine Comedy. The individual books can be read in any order and have varying levels of linearity.
The Inferno: A tour of Hell by your good friend Dante.
Canto 1
Canto 2
Canto 3
Canto 4
Canto 5
Canto 6
Canto 7
Canto 8

A short comic done as part of a collaborative zine themed around the month of November.

A short e-zine about various types of fungus, mainly as an excuse for me to draw a bunch of mushrooms.

Shortening Words for Fun and Profit
When short-hand gets out of hand.

Mobius Ouroboros
Time is a spiral, space is a curve. I know you get dizzy but try not to lose your nerve.
Navigation for this one is a bit different than other comics here.

There Has Been An Old Tree
For as far back as anyone in the town can remember… There has been an old tree.

Ethical Consumption
A story about production and human life as an expendable resource.
Content warning for: Forced Artificial Insemination, Violence Against Infants

Feeling Very Still
Space is beautiful, isn’t it. A lovely place to die.

Molting Season
There’s something living in Benny’s basement, and his dad would rather it stays down there. . .

Heaven is for Ants
A dung beetle finds himself trapped in Limbo right alongside everyone else who ever died.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas
An exploration of the horrific reality that everything actually is bigger in Texas.

Egg Funeral
Hope you like eggs. Because this one is just eggs.

Crab Court
Davy Seamore is on trial for witchcraft and demon summoning. What really happened?

The Wall Dweller
Sometimes living in the walls is a choice.

Happiest Snake Cult
Being a snake cultist is a blast.